About Us

Kalliope Consulting Group, LLC is a boutique consulting firm located in Washington, DC.

Kalliope is the muse who provides insight into the complexity of your endeavors, who turns evidence into enlightenment, and who shepherds you unto the realization of your genuine intention — from this intention, your vision can manifest.

The firm is founded in the unwavering pursuit to synthesize your complex information, translate that information comprehensively to others unfamiliar with it, and then facilitate and maintain the direction unto the vision you intended.

Our team is skilled in root analysis method problem solving and its members provide expertise from varied backgrounds. We are interested to help our clients untangle their research and development efforts, from every angle, irrespective of the discipline or field of focus of their endeavors. 

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Past & Present projects


The world’s most complex problems are built from foundational elements.




Counsel, advising; advice. The role of consiglieri is to provide objectivity, but from the stance of a confidante whose vested interest lies solely in the anticipation of your success. The work we do together is involved, and intricate; your problems are complex and deserve to be confronted securely, with candor. Our purpose and responsibility is to set the table for you so that you can just be, with us, and tell to us your story. 


Realize the intention, manifest the vision.


About Our Founder

Clementina R. Russo, PhD is an applied physicist trained in sensor science technology and data science informatics, with dedicated experience in solving complex, multi-disciplinary problems in the academic and industrial arts, sciences and engineering fields. She is interested in the passive facilitation of communication between disparate and varied groups of people and disciplines, as such efforts can serve to materialize innovative approaches to seemingly intractable problems. She founded and operates Open Door, a supper club in Washington, DC.