Past & Present Projects

We support multi-disciplinary science and engineering teams through various research and development endeavors, e.g.: 

We provide analysis & advising, & product development methodology for small businesses & startups, e.g.,:

- Human Subjects Research support to Test & Evaluation team

- Science research and technical advising for Project Lupo, a NASA-funded holographic technology capable of 3D, tangible display

- The full-scale development of an adaptive training tool for Naval Submariners

- Analytical assessment of autonomous robot, and human-robot interaction performances on given tasks 

- Analytical assessment of surgical tasks performed shipboard and under duress, in variable sea states

- The potential to effectively corroborate cognitive efficiency and physiological metrics to assess the state of readiness (fitness for duty) to perform in complex operational environments 

- Business analysis, operation strategy & methodology for a local flower shop, She Loves Me

- Science research & technical advising for the design & development of a fertility insurance product, Fertiquity