The Mission

Unequivocally, the world’s most complex problems are built from foundational elements. 

The root causes for dysfunction with and across institutions, fields of discipline, for- and non-profit industries, even whole governments and state actors, are founded in these pillars: a failure of vision, and of leadership, propagates as a failure to action; communicative effort across disparate groups of people and across interdisciplinary fields is stalled or thwarted by storied conflict; the rise of conflict unto an impasse owes to the nature of cognitive bias such that a cycle of inquiry is propelled along an anticipated path. In praxis, our individual focus of discipline, our defaults and proclivities, and ultimately, our egos and insecurities often supersede the complex nuances of a given problem at hand. Our inherent bias can thus prevent the likelihood of an engaged, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach towards a holistic and effective solution. If we only know what we already know, we cannot change the course of our thoughts and subsequent executive actions.

The experts at Kalliope are interested in truth, regardless of how that truth implicates prior and invested beliefs. Kalliope’s primary intention is to get to the heart of your matters, succinctly; to define the root causes of your tribulations and to facilitate the necessary changes of course that can lead you to more desirable outcomes. Kalliope offers research advising, subject matter expertise, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and formal reporting services for varied areas of scientific and engineering research, as well as general consulting for small business management, strategy and concept development.